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AQ Skin Solutions

Using a unique and patented Growth Factor formula, AQ Skin Solutions, founded by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, is the world’s first cosmeceutical brand designed to regenerate, heal wounded and ageing skin tissue. 

As a professor, scientist and immunologist Dr. Al-Qahtani began working with the medical application of Growth Factors during his early career and was astounded to discover their extraordinary properties. 

At the age of 25 plus, our skin and cellular levels automatically change, which means less fibroblasts are produced – these are responsible for making the body’s own growth factors, found in the skin and scalp. 

The body’s own naturally produced growth factors are used to regulate the cellular renewal and damage repair process of the skin, but as we get older, unavoidable ageing and excessive free radical damage can hinder the body’s ability to produce functioning growth factors. This can cause a breakdown in collagen and elastin networks, which will eventually impair growth factor function and permanently reduce their ability to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells. This is where AQ Skin Solutions steps in. 

The growth factors used within AQ’s cosmeceutical skincare line, have been clinically developed to mimic identical form, the growth factors produced by the body. In essence, they supplement what the body can no longer produce. They stimulate the body’s repair and rejuvenation process, effectively enabling the skin to turn back time. 

AQ Skin Solutions is the only brand holding two patents involving the use of Growth Factors in tissue regeneration and is further retailed on all seven continents and accredited in over 52 countries. 

What is a GFIT Treatment? 

A GFIT Treatment – Growth Factor Induced Therapy™ – is the topical delivery system of growth factors to the skin using a dermastamp. After we reach 25 years old, our skin automatically changes which means less fibroblasts cells and it is these cells that produce our growth factors. Skin loses 1% of the number of fibroblast and 1% of its thickness every year. By flooding the system with AQ Growth Factors this reverses this damage and stimulates repair, almost allowing the skin to turn back time. 

The AQ DermaStamp is a tool that introduces vertical microscopic channels into the skin by using micro-fine needles that enhances the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients into the skin, we then applying the AQ recovery serum. This in-clinic serum contains the highest concentration of growth factors available within the cosmeceutical market. Its potent formula transforms the skin to a younger state by strengthening the skin’s ability to repair the damaged skin cells which causes these noticeable signs of ageing. 

Results have shown effective improvement in skin texture, acne, lightening hyper-pigmented skin, reducing scar tissues and fine lines by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen formation, thus revealing a fresher, younger, and more healthy-looking skin. A course of four to six treatments is recommended. 

To enhance the treatment results, we would recommend purchasing the Active Serum and/or Eye Serum, which can be used as part of your home care routine. 

AQ Skin Solutions is suitable for all skin types and conditions. It can also be used to treat areas of the body. 

AQ Skin Solutions GFIT Facial Treatment 

Treatment cost £180 

course of 3 treatments £450 (£150 each) 

course of 6 treatments £780 (£130 each) 

Hair Lose/Thinning Products and Treatment 


Advanced Hair Complex + was created to address the real issues that cause hair loss and poor hair quality. 

Using AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula, Advanced Hair Complex + combats both these issues. It works by conditioning the scalp and returning the stem cells that line each hair follicle to their former healthy state. 

As we age, hair follicles can become damaged, leading to a loss of growth. Not only does Advanced Hair Complex + give support to these stem cells to encourage regrowth, but it 

also increases the circulation of select growth factor proteins found within healthy hair follicles for continued growth and quality. Advanced Hair Complex + allows for a normal hair growth cycle, which in turn leads to improved hair quality. 

Advanced Hair Complex + works to 

prevent hair loss 

rejuvenate damaged hair follicles 

improve hair quality and texture 

restore healthy hair growth cycles 

increase circulation and nutrition to the scalp and hair follicles 


The AQ DermaStamp is a tool that introduces vertical microscopic channels into the scalp by using micro-fine needles that enhances the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients into the skin, we then apply the Advance Hair Complex+ serum to the area. The growth factors are delivered deep into the skin to give the optimum results. 

This treatment is simple, straightforward and works quickly. Not only that, but it does not cover up the issue of hair loss, it addresses it directly to restore the natural regeneration of strong, healthy hair. 

AQ Advance Hair Complex+ GFIT Treatment 

Treatment cost £180 

Course of 5 treatments £750 (£150. each)