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Time 30 min £35 

60 min £55 

This invigorating treatment is specifically designed for those looking for an intensive body detox. The perfect therapy when you are dieting, feeling sluggish and lacking energy 

The original Revive Morning blend of refreshing grapefruit, stimulating rosemary and diuretic juniper leave you feeling truly revitalised and your skin will appear bright, smooth and silky 

The ultimate trilogy of body brushing, exfoliation and mud mask stimulate lymph, remove dead skins cells while re-mineralising the skin. This enables the application of the Revive Body Gel, Revive Body Oil and Revive Body Lotion to penetrate efficiently into the body, resulting in a deeply recharged mind and reenergised body. 

Aroma Skin Polish and Aromatherapy Associates Moisture Lock 

Time 30 min £35 

A relaxing all over exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing products, to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth. A fantastic treatment to improve the skins tone and texture, relieve dryness and is a must as a pre or post holiday treatment to get the skin in top condition. 

Body Brush and Aromatherapy Associates Moisture Lock 

Time 20 min £25 

This treatment will exfoliate the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. It also speeds up the body’s circulation increasing toxin removal. This is a perfect treatment to add on to any of our massage treatments. We finish with a moisturising layer to nourish the skin.