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MJs Skincase Journey

When you sign up for a skincare Journey with one of our skincare experts you can expect a unique experience from day 1.

Unlike most consultations you will have had before, we cover every aspect of your life, from Diet, lifestyle, skincare regime, spf to your current makeup. This enables us to delve deeper into possible causes of your skincare issues. We document a photo on day 1 of your journey. This allows us to easily track progress and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Once we have ascertained your main issues we will then create a bespoke skincare journey for you.

You will be able to send weekly updates digitally so that we can support you every step of the way. This is an extremely important part of your journey, we may need to adjust your skincare once we know how your skin is responding to the VIT A. Everyone is different which makes each journey unique to you and your skin.

We believe in the power of 3 when it comes to achieving your skincare goals. Using three brands of the highest quality that work in synergy to tackle all aspects of skin health, ensuring you achieve optimum results.

We begin from within, prescribing the highest quality of supplements from Advanced Nurtition to correct skin deficiencies. With modern day diets, cooking processes, storage of vitamins and lifestyles etc it is virtually impossible to take in the much needed nutrients we need to maintain a healthy skin. Did you know that your skin is the last organ in the body to receive nutrients? Which explains a lot. For eg if your digestive system is sluggish and lacking in nutrients to pass through to your skin, we then see various deficiencies in the skin, resulting in poor skin health and troublesome skin conditions.

Our topical skin care from Environ is a medical grade Vitamin A step up system. The cornerstone ingredient when it comes to skin health, we build up to the highest level of Vitamin A we are allowed to prescribe in Salons.

Dr Des Fernades, creator of Environ skincare has been a Pioneer in using Vit A in skincare products since the 70s He also developed microneeddling for home use to aide penetration of active ingredients to achieve the healthiest skin possible. Using his scientific background he created Environ using Vit A, C & E with antioxidants after studies proved that they improved the health and appearance of the skin. At that time there was no other established skin care company using Vit A in their products!

Our aim is to build up skin health and improve the appearance of your skin with our step up system. We must go low and slow so that all skin receptors start to open and accept the Vitamin A. This takes time and patience.  Only then can we see physical changes in the skin due to the Vitamin A bringing about changes in skin cell DNA to normalise and repair skin health. This takes time. We look At all of our skin journeys like a marathon not a sprint. It’s important to know first and foremost that results vary between client’s. Our dedicated team of specialists can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to achieve optimum skin health, but ultimately it is up to you, the client to follow our advice to the letter. We will be a team, both working towards to your skin goals.

Finally we have our award winning original mineral makeup brand, Jane Iredale. We look At Our makeup as an extension of our skincare. We need a makeup that will work in synergy with our skincare not fight against it.

All of our mineral makeup is non comedogenic, High quality natural ingredients that perform at the highest level. Innovative formulas have healthy skin and anti ageing benefits at their core for a beautiful breathable, glowing coverage. Our mineral foundations provide four main important functions in one; foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skincare benefits. Foundations of poor quality, chemical loaded ingredients have detrimental affects on the skin. Causing, acne, blackheads sensitivity and premature ageing. If you are a makeup lover it is equally important to include high Quality ingredients in your makeup bag. Our make up brand is so pure you can sleep in it! That being said, once we have you started on your unique skincare journey, you really wouldn’t want to. Our skincare rituals become an enjoyable part of your everyday life. We guarantee that once you start seeing that natural healthy glowing skin, you will look forward to doing your skincare routine morning and night.