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Nail Care


Proven to be the leading organic and natural nail enhancement product. This unique gel boasts durability, flexibility, strength and protective properties. 

Nail Extensions 

Full Set of Natural Tip Extension £45.00 

Full Set of French Tip Extension £45.00 

Full Set of Clear Tip Extensions & Colour Overlay £50.00 

Nail Overlays (applied to the natural Nail) 

Clear £37.00 

Coloured £40.00 

French £42.00 

Calgel Infill (2-4 weeks) 

Clear Infill £31.50 

Colour Infill £31.50 

French Infill £33.00 

Soak off Gel Overlay £20.00 

Soak off Gel Overlay if reapplying £10.00 

Soak off Tip Extensions £20.00 

Soak off Tip Extensions if reapplying £15.00 


Fun nail wraps are a high performance vinyl film product designed to cover the nail plate. Heat is applied to the individual wraps; this process activates the adhesive on the underside of the wraps are applied to the nail 

Toes Express £20.00 

Nails must be filed and cuticles pushed back 20 mins 

Toe Treatment £26.50 

Includes file/cuticles pushed back & foil 40 mins 


Swarovski Crystal Pedicure & Manicure 

The ultimate glamour treatment for hands and feet, My Swarovski Crystal manicure and pedicure consists of an amazing 400-500 Swarovski crystals individually attached to the nails! 

With a choice of colours and styles. 

Your sparkle crystal manicure or pedicure is perfect for weddings, parties or just to make your hands and feet feel special. I promise anyone who sees them will be in awe of them! 

The ultimate in glamour and luxury. Lasts 2-3 weeks aftercare advice given. 

Manicure £50.00 

Pedicure £55.00 

Feature Nail £10.00 


A unique gel in a bottle, with patent-pending technology, it is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. If you are looking for a manicure or pedicure that lasts, GELeration is the perfect treatment for you. It does not damage the natural nail and works with your nail to keep it healthy. 

The gel polish soaks of in around 30 mins with no harm to the natural nails. 


Clear Polish – great for nail growth £32.50 

Colour Polish £39.00 

French Polish £39.00 

Clear In Fill £25.50 

Colour In Fill £29.00 

With the gel polish we are able to offer one infill on a clear or coloured application to extend your glamorous nails for up to 2 more weeks. 

Nail Sculpt or Repair (per nail) £8.50 

Removal £20.00 

Removal (if reapplying) £10.00 


Clear Polish £38.50 

Colour Polish £43.00 

French Polish £45.50 

Full Zen Spa Pedicure & Geleration Polish Finish £48.00 

Clear In Fill £30.00 

Colour In Fill £33.00 


Our new service can only be carried out on clients who have their cuticles in excellent condition, whereby no other service other than a gentle pushing back is required. Clients must arrive prompt and without any polish on their nails. 


Hands 30 mins £25.00 


Hands 30 mins £25.00 


Jessica’s unique natural nail care philosophy is grounded in the basics – all nails are different, and beautiful hands start with the right foundation. So much more than a lick of paint, a manicure means looking after the health of your hands, nails and cuticles. This, in turn, will give you the perfect canvas to make your nail polish last even longer. 

Deluxe Jessica Zen Spa Manicure £36.50 

Jessica Zen Spa Manicure £28.50 

Jessica Mini Manicure £22.50 

Includes shape/cuticles/colour finish 40 mins 

Jessica File & Varnish* £18.00 

Includes shape/colour finish 20 mins 

Jessica File & Buff* £12.50 

Jessica Le Remedi Hand Treatment £21.00 

Deluxe Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure £38.50 

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure £31.00 

Jessica Mini Pedicure* £24.00 

Includes file/cuticles/colour finish 40 mins 

Jessica Files & Varnish 30 mins* (colour finish) £20.00 

Jessica Cut And File toes £14.00 

Jessica File And Buff Toes £13.00 

Application of Nail Gems or Nail Art £5.50 

Nail Repair (Natural Nail) £6.00 

*Cuticles must be in good condition to give best results. 

Deluxe & Zen Spa nail treatments also include a nail colour to take home. 

Nailtiques is an award winning nail care system proven to deliver strong and healthy nails. Whether you want to maintain your nails or restore weak, brittle and dry nails, Nailtiques’ unique protein formula delivers stunning and effective results through working in synergy with the natural nail. Nailtiques manicure and pedicure treatments include the use of heated mittens/booties and an application of the Nailtiques protein formula. A range of home care treatment products can be purchased in the salon for home use. Strong healthy nails do not just happen. They must be carefully taken care of, on a regular basis. 

Nailtiques Manicure £29.50 

Nailtiques Pedicure £32.50 

Paraffin wax treatments are a luxurious way to soften and moisturise the skin and are offered as a standalone treatment or an optional extra along with a manicure or pedicure. Paraffin wax has been used for its healing properties as far back as Roman times where it was commonly used in massage therapy. Today it is also used as an aid in treating sports injuries, arthritis, eczema, inflammation, psoriasis and stiff or sore joints. Paraffin Wax Treatment £30.00 

Add Paraffin Wax to your Manicure or Pedicure £16.00 

Callus Peel is a luxury, spa foot treatment that removes hard skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. The treatment is a 30 minute process through four stages: Patch, Wrapping, Removal & Filing and Moisturising. 

Callus Peel (30 Mins) £33.00 

Callus Peel (added to your pedicure) £19.00