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Our Kissed by Mii spray tan is the perfect way to create the natural look of summer all year round. Our mineral enriched, odourless formula dries quickly to leave you with flawless, streak-free colour and soft, smooth, skin. 

Kissed by Mii spray tan is a professional spray tan that cares for your skin while delivering beautifully flawless golden tan. 

Kissed by Mii is not just a spray tan but a whole spray tanning experience, with everything you need to enhance your daily look, helping you feel healthy and truly irresistible all year round with flawless golden tan. Choose from our selection of shades from golden tan tones to deep dark olive tones or try our Express tan which develops in under 3 hours. 

Our unique formula contains marine minerals, coral seaweeds and coastal flowers. The key ingredients include sea lavender, which is known for its hydrating and vitamin rich benefits, and Inula flower, which promotes the body’s absorption of nutrients, promoting a sumptuously soft skin whilst developing a flawless finish. 

Our professionally trained staff will guide you through your spray tanning experience and help you choose the right shade of tan for you. We will give you pre and aftercare tips to help you get the best from your tan. 

Full Body £26.50 

½ Body £19.50 

Top-It-Up would like to go darker or last longer take advantage of our top up service 

Top-up (Within 48 Hours) £21.00 


A luxuriously full body exfoliation & conditioning using Kissed By Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator and Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser followed by your application of Kissed By Mii Tanning Lotion in your chosen shade. 

Full Body 60 mins £42.00 

Legs 30 mins £25.00 

Upper Body Including Face 40 mins £31.00