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The Derma roller…

THE must have tool for your DIY facials!

Lockdown has re-focused our attention on skin health and technology with “DIY treatments” trending & the number of google searches quadrupled since last April with over 1 million related queries..
One of the Buzz words in beauty that keeps coming up is cosmetic micro needling. 

Just what is Micro Needling?

I hear you ask and is it really worth the hype. Quite Simply put, the answer is yes!
Micro Needling technology is based on the repeat puncturing of the skins surface with the tiny micro needles.

What can a Derma Roller do for you? 

  • Enhances the effectiveness of the ingredients in topical products
  • Delivers 100× more ingredients to where skin needs them most
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & scars
  • Can help with tightening looser skin by delivering ingredients deeper into the skin to boost collagen and elastin
  • Speed up the reduction of pigmented marks

When should I use it?

We always recommend night time use for best results to help deliver all those essential ingredients into the skin where they belong rather than transferring them onto your pillow case as a lot of products do.

What’s the difference between buying from us against buying online?

Well we take the time to find out what your skin needs and how often it needs it. We can advise on the best routine for you and we are there to answer any skin concerns you may have when you first start out with rollering..

As with any new skincare routine, results can vary and skin reactions are all different. (Some can look a little scary to first time users)
 When it comes to micro-needling, Without the proper advice, People often confuse DIY treatments with in salon procedures.

Should we see blood?

They often believe that they should see a bleed, this is not the case. A bleed is never required in at home treatments! This should never be the end result of cosmetic micro needling at home.

Needle length must be considered when investing in a derma roller to prevent this from happening.

Our rollers are between 0.1mm to 0.2mm in length which means they are perfect for delivering key ingredients without damage to the skin

Our Derma Rollers from Environ are surgical steel that will not blunt or cause a tear in the skin. They last at least a year and won’t rust.
We also retail cleaning solutions to ensure your device is kept sterile without causing damage to the needles. This solution ensures you are not transferring bacteria all over your skin.

The question is with all of these amazing benefits why aren’t you using one of our derma rollers?