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Beauty & Skin Clinic

We are a dedicated team of skincare experts, ensuring the best care, advice and guidance for all of your beauty and skincare needs. Our favourite products for helping our customers achieve their dream skin are now available for delivery right to your doorstep…

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P: 01387 269349

9 Assembly St, Dumfries DG1 2RU

Beauty & Skin Clinic

We are a dedicated team of skincare experts, ensuring the best care, advice and guidance for all of your beauty and skincare needs.

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P: 01387 269349

9 Assembly St, Dumfries DG1 2RU

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Tailored Skincare

We are skincare experts, and are here to help you tailor your perfect treatment plans with products specifically chosen for you, using bespoke Environ skincare plans, non-surgical rejuvenation, and custom-tailored luxurious facials.

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Beauty Treatments

Using natural beauty stalwarts such as Jane Iredale Makeup and Jessica Cosmetics Nail Polish, the products we use are only the best – providing your skin, nails, lashes and brows with nourishing ingredients that leave them looking and feeling beautiful…

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Massage & Aromatherapy

Our bespoke massages will leave you restored and revitalised. Escape to our tranquil and sensuous therapy rooms, for treatments designed to nourish the body and soul. Include tailored aromatherapy to suit your needs, whether it’s to destress, relax or revitalize.

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Skincare delivered to you…

We are so excited to now have our favourite products available to buy online, direct from us… The ultimate goal in professional skincare. Environ has been at the forefront, leading the way with some of the most effective products available.

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Exfoliators, Environ Alpha Hydroxy Derma-lac Lotion



Environ Youth EssentiA Antioxidant Defence Crème



Environ Focus Care YOUTH+

Facelift in a jar

Environ’s most awarded product, Revival Masque, the “Facelift in a Jar”, has scooped another coveted title, “Best Rejuvenating Mask” at the 2023 Woman & Home Beauty Awards.

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Advanced Nutrition Programme

Explore a selection of scientifically-backed, outcome-orientated supplements. The Advanced Nutrition Programme offers a collection of evidence-based skincare supplements meticulously crafted to nourish your skin from the inside out.

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Skin, Hair & Nails Skin Accumax™ (Problematic Skin) – 60 Capsules – Advanced Nutrition Programme

skin Nutrition, Hair & Nails

Skin Accumax™ 60s



Gut Health, Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Clear Biome™ 60 Capsules

Wellbeing | Gut Health

Skin Clear Biome



Skin, Hair & Nails, Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas+

skin Nutrition, Hair & Nails

Skin Omegas+



Unwind and relax with our tailored Aromatherapy Associates massage treatments…

Our team is highly qualified and skilled in specially tailored massages. Our massage therapists will create completely bespoke massages just for you… Whether it’s lighter, firmer, deep tissue, or focused on a particular area, they’ll pull out what we call their ‘Therapist’s Toolbox’. This includes specialist areas such as Swedish Massage, deep tissue, pressure points, sports and stretching – your treatment will be especially designed to treat your concerns.

All of our massage treatments use the beautifully crafted oils by Aromatherapy Associates. Our therapists will help you choose which oil blends will be beneficial for you, focusing on what you want to gain from your treatment whether it’s to relax, destress or to rejuvenate.

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Mary Jeffrey’s Favourites

advanced nutrition programme (ANP)

Award Winning – Skin Accumax

ANP Skin Accumax is the solution we’ve been eagerly anticipating to support our clients dealing with skin issues. At Mary Jeffrey’s, we’ve witnessed remarkable outciomes in the treatment of problematic skin, and our keen interest in this product has spanned over a year.

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Why we’re your new fave skin care clinic


We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to skincare which is why we invest in synergetic products, enabling us to recommend the best treatment plan possible for each client

Wide range of treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit all individual needs, from grooming to self-care to advanced expert skincare treatments. We consider ourselves both a skincare clinic and a salon - and excellent at both!


We are a well-established salon in Dumfries, having been first founded in 1974. Our team has over 25 years of experience collectively, with each member having their own special expertise.

Environ TCA Cool Peel - training picture

We’ve just finished our training! Unveiling the Environ TCA Cool Peel

Unveil radiant skin with Mary Jeffrey's latest achievement – the Environ TCA Cool Peel. Our team, freshly trained in this innovative peeling system, ensures a safe and gentle experience. Unlike traditional peels, Environ's approach prioritizes skin health, addressing issues like fine lines, photo-damage, and dehydration. The TCA Cool Peel, a unique formulation, promotes collagen and elastin production, offering plumper, healthier skin.
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winter skin care essentials

Winter Skin Care: Essential Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy

As winter arrives, don't neglect your skin's needs. Combat dryness with hydrating oils, maintain sun protection with RAD Environ sunscreen, and indulge in vitamin C for a healthy, glowing complexion. Remember, simple changes can keep your skin radiant throughout the cold season.
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Winter Negative Response

Vitamin A Winter Reactions: Your Guide to Negative Responses

Vitamin A is essential for skin health, but daily sunlight exposure can deplete it. Replenishing Vitamin A is crucial, yet it can irritate skin, especially when it's unhealthy. Read more to find out what signs to look out for and how you can prevent a negative reaction from your skin...
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