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A mole reduction treatment, on a mole by the nose.

Mole Reduction: Results from Michelle

Electrolysis treatment successfully reduces mole size, providing a smoother skin profile without scarring, unlike other costly treatments that might leave scars. After just one session and a six-week check-up, no further treatments were necessary, with complete healing expected within 3 to 6 months. The client was highly satisfied with the effective, scar-free, and affordable treatment.

A client treated for a Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma: Results from Michelle

Cherry Angiomas, like the one on a client’s nose, are non-harmful but can be cosmetically displeasing. Treated effectively through a single Electrolysis session using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, these benign growths are cauterized quickly. The client showed significant improvement just 8 weeks post-treatment, requiring no further treatment besides regular skincare.

Before and after of a treatment of a skin tag underneath a client's eye.

Skin Tag: Results from Michelle

Skin tags, commonly located on the neck, armpits, eyelids, and other areas, are benign but can be irritating when snagged on clothing. Advanced Electrolysis is an effective treatment for removing skin tags, as demonstrated by skincare expert Michelle, who successfully treated a client in just one session. Post-treatment care involves simple aftercare until healing completes, typically within 6 weeks. For more severe skin conditions like Rosacea, consulting a skincare expert is advised.

Before and after results of an acne treatment.

Acne: Results from Nicola

Nicola, owner of a clinic, successfully treated a client over 8 months using a dedicated skincare routine comprising 50% Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements and 50% Environ skincare, aimed at improving her skin for her wedding. The treatment emphasized the importance of ongoing maintenance to prevent acne recurrence, urging those with similar issues to consult their experts.

Rosacea: Insights from Jess

Managing rosacea, with symptoms such as broken capillaries and flushed cheeks, presents challenges, progressing to inflammation and sensitivity. Our customised treatment, encompassing skincare routines and supplements, effectively addresses these concerns. Witness remarkable transformations like our client’s radiant skin. Schedule a consultation for personalised solutions.