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Our therapist Jess, in the middle of a hot stone massage on a client.

Why hot stone massages are up to ten times more effective than traditional massage…

Hot stone massage utilizes heated volcanic basalt stones to relax muscles deeply, enhance circulation, and improve digestion, offering significant benefits over traditional massages which rely only on manual manipulation. This technique is especially effective in relieving muscle pain, stress, arthritis, improving sleep, boosting immune function, and managing chronic conditions. By also aiding in detoxification and energizing the body, hot stone therapy promises a rejuvenative holistic well-being experience. Engaging in best practices before, during, and after sessions maximizes these benefits.
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Why dermaplaning is a threat to your skin barrier and long-term skin health

Dermaplaning, while offering an immediate glow by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, also strips away healthy skin layers, compromising the skin's barrier function. This leads to increased sensitivity, dryness, and vulnerability to environmental damage such as UV rays. Long-term effects include heightened risk of sun damage, exacerbation of skin issues like acne, and premature aging. Home dermaplaning poses risks of infection and scarring. It is advised to consider safer, long-term skincare alternatives and, if still chosen, to opt for professional handling to mitigate risks. Prioritising skin health yields lasting benefits over superficial quick fixes.
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Why you CAN defeat your rosacea

Rosacea, a challenging skin condition marked by redness and inflammation, impacts millions globally, affecting self-esteem and daily life. Despite misconceptions, it's manageable through identifying triggers like stress and UV rays, and embracing tailored skincare, dietary adjustments, and stress management. With a holistic approach and perseverance, individuals can reclaim control over their skin, transcending the challenges posed by rosacea and embracing a life free from its constraints.
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women in SPF

Should I still wear SPF when it’s dark and cloudy?

At MJ's, SPF isn't up for debate—it's a must year-round. UVA and UVB rays are ever-present, causing cellular damage and aging. Even in winter or behind glass, they're a threat. Protect with sunscreen, antioxidants, and reapplication every 90 minutes. Environ RAD or RAD SHIELD are solid choices. Remember, SPF 15 offers 97% protection, so wear it daily!
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TCA Cool Peels

Why TCA Cool Peels are the perfect facial for anyone or any skin type

Discover the transformative power of TCA Cool Peels – the ultimate facial for any skin type. Using Trichloroacetic Acid, these peels gently stimulate skin, promoting collagen and elastin production for plumper, healthier skin. Tailored to specific concerns, from aging to sensitivity, they offer visible results with minimal downtime.
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Environ TCA Cool Peel - training picture

We’ve just finished our training! Unveiling the Environ TCA Cool Peel

Unveil radiant skin with Mary Jeffrey's latest achievement – the Environ TCA Cool Peel. Our team, freshly trained in this innovative peeling system, ensures a safe and gentle experience. Unlike traditional peels, Environ's approach prioritizes skin health, addressing issues like fine lines, photo-damage, and dehydration. The TCA Cool Peel, a unique formulation, promotes collagen and elastin production, offering plumper, healthier skin.
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winter skin care essentials

Winter Skin Care: Essential Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy

As winter arrives, don't neglect your skin's needs. Combat dryness with hydrating oils, maintain sun protection with RAD Environ sunscreen, and indulge in vitamin C for a healthy, glowing complexion. Remember, simple changes can keep your skin radiant throughout the cold season.
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Winter Negative Response

Vitamin A Winter Reactions: Your Guide to Negative Responses

Vitamin A is essential for skin health, but daily sunlight exposure can deplete it. Replenishing Vitamin A is crucial, yet it can irritate skin, especially when it's unhealthy. Read more to find out what signs to look out for and how you can prevent a negative reaction from your skin...
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Menopausal skincare

Navigating the Impact of Menopause on Your Skin

How does menopause impact your skin's health and appearance? Hormonal changes during this transformative phase can lead to dryness, thinning, wrinkles, and even acne. Learn expert tips to combat these effects and keep your skin looking radiant and healthy during the change...
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Cool peel - environ technology, renew your look this winter

Renew and Revitalise Your Skin with Environ’s Cool Peel Technology

Discover Environ's Cool Peel Technology, a safe and gentle approach to skin rejuvenation. Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes, this innovative method prioritises skin health in comparison to harsh deep peels. This type of peel also allows for customised treatments for various skin concerns, from acne to ageing.
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women struggling from Rosacea

Conquering Rosacea: Navigating the Path to Clearer Skin

Discover effective strategies to combat persistent redness, bumps, and discomfort. Learn about triggers, skincare, supplements, and specialized treatments that can help regain clear skin and boost your confidence. Take charge of your journey toward relief and improved skin health
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dr des fernandes co founder of environ

Revolutionising Skincare: The Visionary Journey of Dr. Des Fernandes

Dr. Des Fernandes FRCS revolutionised skincare through pioneering innovation. From cardiology to collaborating with heart transplant pioneer Christiaan Barnard, his journey led to game-changing creams, advanced treatment machines, and the Roll-CIT. His impact reaches global conferences, medical literature, and a commitment to effective, safe skincare.
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Vitamin a

Exploring the Role of Vitamin A and Skin Consultations with Environ Skincare

Why has Vitamin A been the core ingredient of Environ Skincare since 1990? Dr. Des Fernandes, Environ's founder, emphasizes how rectifying sun-induced Vitamin A deficiency is the best way to help create radiant, healthy skin. Read on to find out more about the innovative Environ Step-Up System, which ensures gradual Vitamin A integration, while Skin EssentiA range kickstarts a luminous journey...
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environ vitamin a products

Vitamin A

Why vitamin A is a crucial nutrient for healthy, youthful look and feel to your skin...
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The Benefits of Lactic Acid

The Benefits of Lactic Acid

Discover the remarkable benefits of lactic acid...
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Environ's award-winning focus care radiance + range

Why you need Vitamin C in your life

Discover the incredible benefits of Vitamin C...
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treats of the mask - photo of woman wearing masks

Maskne…. ?

Maskne, the skin woe caused by wearing face masks...
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