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The Benefits of Lactic Acid

Discover the remarkable benefits of lactic acid, an AHA powerhouse, for your skin. From promoting natural exfoliation and hydration to reducing dryness and improving pigmentation, lactic acid works synergistically with other ingredients like vitamin A. Environ offers a range of products enriched with lactic acid to address various skin concerns. Achieve healthier, more vibrant skin with lactic acid's transformative properties.

AHA’s – Lactic Acid
AHA’s promote natural desquamation of the surface layers of the skin.. AHAs have had the popular limelight as great cosmeceuticals for many year. Environ believes their benefits are best achieved together with topical Vit A.

Lactic Acids are used In both treatments and Environ products as they have the correct ‘rotation’ to fit with our natural receptors.

Benefits of lactic Acid
Promotes natural desquamation.
We don’t believe in aggressive exfoliation as this can damage healthy cells, removing them before they are ready. As a result this reveals immature cells, exposing them to external stress factors before they are mature enough to handle them.

It is a powerful humectant.
Healthier skin becomes more waterproof, and so DRY SKIN conditions are relieved

Irregular PIGMENTATION can be diminished but this affect may not be as strong as it is with the use of Vitamin A. AHAs work well with other tyrosine inhibitors like Vitamin C to treat pigmentation.

Our products have all of these ingredients that all work in synergy together to achieve the best results possible for your skin

AHAs penetrate to some degree into the sebaceous follicle.. This is paramount to treat ACNE skin conditions, to remove dead skin cell build up that contributes to breakouts.

The Initial improved moisturisation extends down into the dermis and the skin gets better turgor so WRINKLES are less obvious. LACTIC ACID promotes Glycosaminoglycans in the dermis, which adds to the water retention properties of the skin.

Stimulates fibroblasts for collagen production
Improves blood flow to the skin
It is safe even to eat and has no negative impact on the ENVIRONMENT
The fact that both Vitamin A and AHAs produce similar effects but work on different receptors means that
combining the two give you the very best results possible for your skin.

These two important ingredients cannot be combined in the same cream however, without sacrificing the activity of one or the other group. Vitamin A is destroyed at the PH that is required for AHA activity. Hence why our AHAs and moisturisers are always in separate bottles for use on the skin..

ENVIRON Products that contain Lactic Acid.
Botanical infused moisturising toner – Beneficial for ALL SKIN TYPES – Mild exfoliation, hydrating, moisturising, Calming and improves uneven pigmentation

Dermalac lotion – Beneficial for PIGMENTATION, ACNE, ROSACEA. (Can also be used by first time users looking to brighten skin and those suffering with shaving rash or folliculitis)

Botanical infused Sebu-tone clarifier– Beneficial for OILY ACNE.

Hydroxy Acid sebu-clear Masque – Beneficial for ACNE, HORMONAL BREAKOUTS and BLACKHEADS.


Mela Fade serum system – Beneficial for PIGMENTATION

Alpha Hydroxy Night cream – Beneficial for DEHYDRATED SKINS (with textural problems) PHOTO DAMAGAGED SKINS

Salon Treatments
Our Environ Cool Peel courses are excellent for treating many of these skin conditions. Especially ACNE and ROSACEA

As always. We offer skincare advice to existing and new clients. Consultations and skin re assessments are available on request. DM for details..

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