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Why you need Vitamin C in your life

Discover the incredible benefits of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) for your skin and overall well-being. From stimulating collagen production to protecting against free radical damage and inhibiting melanin production, this hero antioxidant is a must-have in your daily life. Explore our range of Advanced Nutrition supplements and Environ products enriched with Vitamin C to support your skin health journey. Contact our dedicated therapists for personalized skincare recommendations. Experience the power of Vitamin C today!

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in our lives.
This powerhouse vitamin forms part of an antioxidant Brigade to fight off free Radical Damage. (Working alongside vit E and Beta carotene these 3 antioxidants are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to skinhealth)

Where can we get Vit C from?
The supplementation of Vitamin C by mouth as well as topically, boosts the manufacture of new collagen, making wrinkles become less noticeable.

Humans do not produce vitamin C so we rely solely on our diets to keep our levels topped up. We also don’t store large amounts of vitamin C for long in our bodies.

Modern day diets make it difficult to ingest as much as we need on a daily basis. (Think of the way we cook, store food and growing methods etc. It all adds to the depletion of vitamins. By the time they get into our mouths there can be little to none left!)

Fun fact 1- If we did not ingest enough Vit C signs of deficiency and scurvy would develop in only 6 weeks!
Fun fact 2 – vitamin C is particularly vulnerable to nutrient loss. Did you know that a sliced cucumber will lose 50%
of its Vitamin C in just 3 hours!!!!
Vitamin C also depletes when exposed to heat and UVA. (This vitamin just can’t catch a break eh)

This causes us to develop a deficiency of vitamin C in all areas of our skin that is exposed to vitamin C. Think of all those pesky pigmentation Mark’s we don’t like that have popped up over the years after UVA exposure.

A great visual for Vitamin C deficiency showing on your skin. MADGE from Benidorm!!!!! Bless her she loved her sun worshipping but it didn’t do her any favours in the skin department did it.

Benefits of Vitamin C
It stimulates at least 4 Genes related to Collagen and in particular Elastin production (wrinkles be gone!)

It is Essential in the production of collagen. We love this one! Who doesn’t want a nice plump healthy looking skin. (without collagen skin will become wrinkled, loose and sag)

Protection – it plays an important role in healing wounds. Vit c ensures the migration of fibroblasts to the site of the wound which promotes healing. Pretty clever eh.

Because of its anti oxidant activity we can expect it to slow down photoageing while its DNA activity helps to reverse photo damage!

Inhibits melanin production. This powerful anti oxidant counteracts the oxidative process required to create melanin by binding to the reactive oxygen atoms that would drive pigment production, and as a result pigment production is limited. Be gone annoying pigmentation!!

How we can we help you get some of this hero Vitamin C into your daily lives?
We have Advanced Nutrition supplements of Skin Vit C using the highest quality ingredients with no bulking agents.. Each capsule is made of plant fibres and contains upwards of 500mg of vit C in every capsule ( amount varies in supplements depending on what a client needs)

Support your wellbeing and build the foundations of great skin starting from within.

Our Environ products. Protect your skin from the outside and into the deeper layers of the epidermis. You’ll find Vit C in lots of
our products.

We can guide you through your skin concerns regarding any of the above and pair you up with the perfect scincare solution

All of our Environ vitamin step up moisturisers and serums have VIT C in them which puts you on the right path to skin health right from the very beginning of your skincare journey.

Our Focus care Radiance range is paramount in the battle against Pigmentation. High levels of Vit C and other specially selected active ingredients are used to treat pigmentation Marks by inhibiting melanin to reduce the appearance of darker pigment.

Rad SPF 15
Spf should be worn everyday to protect us from not only UVA but also Blue light from our phones and screens etc.
Vit C, E and Betacarotene are present in this spf which adds extra protection against the sun..

What else can we say about one of our favourite Anti Oxidants. Vitamin C really is a hero vitamin that we all need in our lives.

PM us for all your skincare requirements and one of our dedicated therapists will get back to you with a consultation card. we can then recommend the perfect bespoke skincare package for you.

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