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Our Skincare Consultancy Policy

If you are purchasing Environ products from another online shop or business, we unfortunately aren’t able to work with you as these are medical-grade skincare products that mean we have to be involved in each step of your process to ensure you and your skin’s safety.

This is why…

Once we begin assisting a client with their skincare, they become our responsibility, and it’s our duty to provide the correct product recommendations.

We understand that our customers often want to seek the best deals available. Many companies selling online may not source their products from Environ or Advanced Nutrition Programme, making it difficult to ensure product authenticity, safety and effectiveness.

The products we sell, Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme are medical grade products and therefore should never be purchased without a full consultation and discussion with our therapist. We aim to support you on a one-to-one basis, monitor your progress, and assist with any skincare issues that may arise through your skincare journey.

All the therapists at Mary Jeffrey undergo at least four weeks of advanced skincare training courses every year to ensure they provide you with the best possible advice. Naturally, this comes at a cost. If you choose not to purchase your products from us after the consultation, we cannot accurately monitor your product usage and dosages, which is crucial for medical-level skincare. We also fund our therapists’ expert training from the profits of product sales. If you undergo a consultation with us, we expect that you will exclusively purchase Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme products from us.

Regarding discounts that other retailers may offer, we would like to clarify why we can’t provide discounts like online retailers do. This is due to the substantial investment we make in training our staff to offer personalised one-on-one journeys. We have monthly offers from both Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme. We will always work within client’s budgets – there are different routes for different budgets and we are always happy to accommodate your needs.

For our online shop or our customers who come into our skincare clinic, clients must have a full consultation first. Unfortunately, there are individuals who do not adhere to these rules. We have had a client previously who came to us after purchasing Environ products for three years from an online retailer and was using the wrong products for the entire duration, which means she was ultimately wasting her money. Dr. Des, the creator, strongly opposes such practices with his products, as they often render them useless.

If you have a consultation with us, we hope that you will follow our recommendations so we can monitor and adjust your skincare journey accordingly. If you decide to purchase from another source, we cannot provide any further support for your skincare journey for you and your skin’s safety. If you do stray from the correct skincare path, don’t worry – we will always welcome you back with open and expert arms!

We appreciate your understanding. We are skincare experts that have more than 20 years experience who take pride in what we recommend to our clients, and want only the best for your skin. Discover more by visiting us or book a skin consultation online, or give us a call, send us a message or pop into the salon!