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Navigating the Impact of Menopause on Your Skin

Menopause is a unique journey, much like an individual's genetic makeup, with its own set of effects on the skin. Menopause typically occurs between ages 45 and 55, with perimenopause often starting around age 40 or earlier. Menopause signifies the conclusion of a woman’s natural ability to conceive, accompanied by the cessation of menstrual cycles and a decline in reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal changes can impact both the body and the skin. While every woman's experience during this transformative phase is distinct, the decline in estrogen and progesterone hormones inevitably leads to various skin changes. With the guidance of skincare professionals and expert knowledge, there are steps you can take to prepare your skin for this new chapter of life...

Read on to discover how to minimise the effects of menopause and give your skin the care it deserves to maintain a healthy and radiant appearance.

What Does Menopause Mean for You?

Common menopausal symptoms encompass hot flashes, sleep disturbances, low energy, cognitive challenges, headaches, diminished confidence, and mood swings. Additionally, menopause can lead to skin-related issues, including thinner skin, reduced collagen levels, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness, and increased skin sensitivity. Fortunately, various nutritional ingredients can help support your skin during this phase.

Combating Dry and Itchy Skin During Menopause

Menopause often brings a decline in skin hydration and plumpness, primarily due to decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels. These hormones play a vital role in maintaining the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMFs) and a strong protective barrier. Ageing itself reduces NMF production, including hyaluronic acid, but menopause intensifies these effects, leading to increased skin dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. So what do we tell our clients that they can do to help these symptoms?

The Role of Vitamin A in the Skin

Vitamin A is the one molecule that stands above all others in terms of its central role in skin health and the protection against cumulative photodamage and ageing. The best way to prepare skin adequately for the changes during menopause is to make sure that the skin cells are rich in optimal amounts of vitamin A, antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, as well as peptides.

Daily Vitamin Top-Up

Incorporate Environ’s Essential Vitamin A step-up system into your daily skincare routine, packed with Vitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants. Environ’s Youth EssentiA and Skin EssentiA ranges automatically supply all the vital ingredients essential for skin health. The aim is to acclimatise the skin to higher and higher levels of vitamin A and antioxidants, which is simply and effectively achieved with your recommended Vitamin Step Up System.

Combating Dry and Itchy Skin During Menopause

Menopause often brings a decline in skin hydration and plumpness, primarily due to decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels. These hormones play a vital role in maintaining the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMFs) and a strong protective barrier. Ageing itself reduces NMF production, including hyaluronic acid, but menopause intensifies these effects, leading to increased skin dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. Menopause can lead to skin dehydration due to the declining estrogen and progesterone, which are crucial for maintaining natural moisturising factors (NMFs) and the skin’s protective barrier. This age-related NMF decline combined with menopause intensifies dryness and sensitivity. So what do we tell our clients that they can do to help these symptoms?

Salon Treatment

Moisture Boost Cool Peel. Cutting-edge technology to boost hydration levels in the skin.

Recommended Environ Products

The Youth EssentiA toner is particularly important for menopausal skin. Ingredients include witch hazel to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity. Matrixyl® 3000 enhances collagen production, while Niacinamide increases hydration, helps control uneven skin tone, and promotes skin growth and cell renewal.

Environ’s super moisturiser is a powerhouse for replenishing hydration and moisture levels within the skin. Shea butter soothes irritated skin, Revidrate strengthens barrier functions to boost moisture levels, and Pentavitin® supports the skin’s natural moisture factors for long-lasting hydration.

Skin Omegas: Provide total skin hydration, nourish skin, and give you back your glow. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are vital for skin health and hydration. Vitamin C and Zinc are calming, anti-inflammatory, and boost collagen.

Skin Moisture IQ: This daily pod contains 5 capsules with Hyaluronic Acid, ceramides, Skin Omegas, Skin Vit A&D, and Skin Vitality (Multivitamins). It offers everything your skin needs for supercharged hydration, improved elasticity, reduced wrinkle depth, and smoother, plumper skin.

How to Combat Loss of Volume and Thinning Skin?

It is known that estrogen hormones play an important role in stimulating and regulating collagen production, which gives the skin its firmness, elasticity, and structural integrity. As estrogen hormones decline, collagen production decreases. What’s striking is that the first five years of menopause result in a significant 30% collagen loss. Protecting collagen becomes vital as it forms the foundation for youthful skin, preventing thinning, sagging, and visible wrinkles.

Salon Treatment

Essential Youth Reset. An advanced Youth-enhancing facial to combat the visible signs of fine lines, sun damage, and dull-looking skin.

Recommended Products

3D Synergie Filler Crème: This product helps smooth the appearance of facial lines and restores a rejuvenated, plump, youthful look to your skin. It contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid that specifically target the loss of volume experienced during peri/menopause.

Trio Botanical Revival Masque: Often described as a “face-lift in a jar,” it excels in creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger, and revitalised skin. The combination of revolutionary ingredients—Asiatic acid, lactic acid, and mandelic acid—makes a glowing appearance possible.

Recommended Supplements

Micro-needling technology: fast-track results with the power of micro-needling. Scientifically shown to enhance the effects of the powerhouse formulations by safely and effectively delivering up to 100 times more essential nutrients to where the skin needs it most. Environ’s Roll-Cits are medical grade quality and meticulously designed to be safe on the skin, durable, and easy-to-use.

Skin Collagen Synergy: This is a daily pod containing 4 essential capsules designed to help your body produce its own collagen. Each pod includes multi-vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C, Zinc, Acerola Berry, MSM, and Phytonutrients. Skin Collagen Synergy is a science-led, intelligent supplement system that supports the internal formation of collagen to address the loss of volume within the skin.

Skin Youth Biome: Gut health is essential for skin health. This probiotic and postbiotic contains 5 billion live cultures and 6 skin-friendly strains of bacteria. It targets the 7 signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, and hydration. A probiotic acts like a nutrient toner, enhancing the absorption of your supplements.

How to Combat Acne Flare-Ups During Menopause?

Problematic skin isn’t limited to teenagers; it can affect menopausal women too. Menopausal acne, similar to teenage acne, can be linked to hormonal changes. Many of our clients have come to us saying they can’t believe that they’re struggling with acne again after all these years! But unfortunately, it is common in this period. Alterations in skin pH and oil production levels also contribute to this issue during menopause. While estrogen typically declines, testosterone remains steady in this phase. Testosterone is one of the specific hormones that regulate sebum production in the skin. Hormonal imbalances during menopause can lead to increased sebaceous gland activity, resulting in acne flare-ups.

Salon Treatment

Cool Peel Technology. Professional treatments will control oiliness, congestion, and inflammatory effects in the skin. Experience the transformative power of the industry’s most intelligent peeling technology. Safe and highly effective, Environ’s non-invasive cool peel technology will help revive, refine, and brighten your skin.

Recommended Environ Products

Daily Vitamin Top-Up: The Focus Clarity range offers a three-phase system addressing the root cause of breakouts.

Sebuwash: Balances oil production in 6 weeks of use. This mild, low-foaming gel cleanser gently removes excess oils and environmental debris without drying the skin. The active ingredients, including Tea tree, salicylic acid, and soy protein, maintain the skin’s natural pH, deep cleanse, decongest, and have an essential antibacterial effect on the skin.

Sebumasque: A clay-based masque that helps absorb surface oils and deeply clean. Sebumasque is a clay-based masque which helps to absorb surface oils and deeply cleanse the skin. It may also be used as a micro exfoliant to smooth and refine the texture of the skin. Ingredients including Vit E, kaolin, vit B5, and salicylic acid all work in synergy to heal, clear, and decongest.

Recommended Supplements

Skin Accumax. A scientifically advanced, nutritional supplement which works from within for clear, flawless skin naturally. Skin Accumax contains a unique patented and exciting ingredient called DIM which works from the inside out for clear, flawless skin naturally.

Skin Clear Biome: Gut health is paramount to skin health. This patent-pending Probiotic and post-biotic has 5 billion live cultures and skin-friendly strains of bacteria to clarify complexion and brighten skin. Probiotics act like a toner for nutrients, increasing the absorption of your supplements.

How Does UV Exposure (Sun) Affect the Skin During Menopause?

Everyone, every day, is exposed to UV radiation. UV exposure, beyond what is needed to make Vitamin D, always leads to cumulative damage which aggravates the changes experienced by women, particularly in menopause. In the period leading up to and during menopause, the skin can become more susceptible to damage due to the loss of melanocyte cells in the epidermis. This robs the skin of its natural protection. The sooner you use daily SPF, the better the chance of minimising the visible effects of photodamage later.

Daily Vitamin Top-Up using Environ’s step-up system. Did you know that Vitamin A is a known powerful normalizer of melanocyte activity? Retinyl Palmitate has powerful photoprotective properties (up to SPF 20), which is why Environ’s philosophy will always promote the daily topical application of Vitamin A and antioxidants so that the skin is better equipped to defend itself.

Recommended Environ Products

RAD SPF 15: A face and body sun protection cream with a combination of sun filters and sun reflectance to provide SPF 15 while natural antioxidant vitamins increase sun protection and assist in fighting against free radicals.

Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15: is a light-textured face and body sunscreen with a combination of sun filters and sun reflectance to provide SPF 15 while lactic acid improves the appearance of an uneven skin tone.

As we observe #MenopauseAwarenessMonth in October, let’s recognise menopause as a powerful transition deserving acknowledgment. Here at MJs we have many clients who undertake treatment and recommended products in order to help themselves feel more themselves during what can be a tough time, so we are always here to help you if you want to call, email or drop us a message any time!

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