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Why TCA Cool Peels are the perfect facial for anyone or any skin type

TCA Cool Peels are our newest Environ treatments, which we've recently undergone the training for. If you want to learn about what the difference is between the classic Environ Cool Peels and our new TCA Cool Peels then read more here.

The TCA Cool Peels are a great choice for any skin type, skin concern or skin goal as they are both incredibly effective and very gentle on the skin. No matter your age or skin issues a TCA Cool Peel is an excellent tool to help you achieve your dream skin. Read on to find out why….

What is a TCA Cool Peel?

TCA Cool Peels use Trichloroacetic Acid to gently ‘peel’ the skin.There is a ‘sweet spot’ where the acid mildly stresses the keratinocytes in the skin, stimulating the release of various growth factors. Importantly, this process avoids causing harm to healthy cells, minimising downtime and eliminating the risk of skin irritation or stripping. 

The released growth factors contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin by promoting the production of new collagen and elastin – giving visibly plumper, happier, healthier, softer skin. 

In a nutshell, TCA Cool Peels are…

  • Aimed at anyone.
  • Are all about stimulating growth factors
  • Pro-ageing – TCA Cool Peels aren’t about applying very harsh chemicals to forcefully peel the skin, but about working with the skin and gently encouraging it to heal itself.
  • Tick all the boxes – can treat blemished skin, lines, wrinkles, scar tissue, scar formation, are great for rosacea and sensitive skin – TCA Cool Peels cover everyone!
  • One peel that can treat many issues, in many people!

The unique TCA cool peel by Environ includes…

  • A low percentage of acid combined with a low pH
  • Uses a self-neutralising acid, acting only on the skin’s surface
  • Ensures safety with minimal downtime
  • Utilises slow-drying gels and creams
  • Offers a safe and pleasant experience
  • Environ recommends a course of 6-12 peel treatments for optimal results, with visible improvements noticed after just one session. TCA also aids in unclogging pores and removing surface impurities for problematic skin.

Also known as the ‘peel that doesn’t peel’, our TCA Cool Peels are so gentle that they are in fact perfect for any skin type, age, issue or goals. But it is also good to hone in on the exact skin issues you want to treat so that your TCA Cool Peel is tailored to you…

TCA Cool Peels

Different TCA Cool Peel facial types and what they treat

There are different TCA Cool Peels specifically designed to treat exact concerns and skin types, however you will receive the best results by having a consultation with us first to ascertain which TCA Cool Peel will be best for your skin…

  • TCA Cool Peel Essential Youth Reset: Perfect for any ageing concerns and age-related skin issues.
  • TCA Cool Peel Essential Moisture Boost: Dehydrated skin and fine lines are always going to benefit from this one…
  • TCA Cool Peel Essential Comfort Calm: For sensitive, irritated skin. Perfect for those with skin issues such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and more.
  • TCA Cool Peel Essential Radiance Reveal: Sun-damaged or pigmented skin. Also a great choice after a holiday!

The power of regular upkeep of TCA Cool Peels

Think of skincare how you might treat your overall health: You’ll have annual checkups with a physician to address any concerns, but you might enlist the help of a dietitian and/or personal trainer to meet specific nutrition and fitness goals. With skin care, you can see a skincare expert to help manage the upkeep and to check in with your skin. When it comes to TCA Cool Peels, whilst just one will make a difference and will leave your skin looking and feeling great, a course of at least 6 is when real changes come into play. Enlisting the help of a skincare expert to help you with this journey, and reaping the benefits that a series of TCA Cool Peels can have on your skin, can be real game changers when it comes to your skin…

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We’ve just finished our training! Unveiling the Environ TCA Cool Peel

Unveil radiant skin with Mary Jeffrey's latest achievement – the Environ TCA Cool Peel. Our team, freshly trained in this innovative peeling system, ensures a safe and gentle experience. Unlike traditional peels, Environ's approach prioritizes skin health, addressing issues like fine lines, photo-damage, and dehydration. The TCA Cool Peel, a unique formulation, promotes collagen and elastin production, offering plumper, healthier skin.
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