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Skin Collagen Synergy


A collagen supplement system guided by scientific research to promote the natural production of collagen within your body.

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Before starting your skin supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme, a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin. A consultation form will be emailed to you after your order has been placed. Please read our skincare policy - we expect all of our customers to follow this policy when using our services as skin experts.

Skin Collagen Synergy represents a science-driven approach to promoting your body’s natural collagen production.

Delicately packaged in protective pods, our dedicated skin researchers at ANP have created a user-friendly daily regimen comprising four intelligent collagen-boosting capsules:

  • 2 Skin Collagen Support capsules
  • 1 Skin Vit C capsule
  • 1 Skin Vitality capsule

Working harmoniously, this blend of 32 vegan-friendly ingredients is designed to bolster healthy collagen synthesis, resulting in a complexion that radiates freshness and youthfulness.

Did you know? Many collagen supplements primarily focus on protein content, but more protein doesn’t necessarily equate to better skin quality.

To fortify resilient collagen structures, prioritising a mix of collagen-boosting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, and phytonutrients is essential.

Who can benefit from it?

  • Those seeking anti-ageing support to address fine lines and wrinkles
  • Individuals aiming for even skin tone
  • Those adhering to vegan lifestyles
  • Anyone interested in general skin health

  • Promotes skin well-being
  • Facilitates cellular rejuvenation
  • Enhances skin’s fullness
  • Aids in collagen production

The skin researchers at Advanced Nutrition Programme recommend consuming the contents of one detachable pod (4 capsules) daily.

For optimal absorption, it is advisable to take them during a main meal. Please ensure not to exceed the indicated daily recommended dosage.

Acerola Berry – This small, bushy shrub with bright red fruits is one of the richest natural sources of ascorbic acid and contains a plethora of phytonutrients like carotenoids, phenolics, anthocyanins, and flavonoids.

Copper – Contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.

MSM – Abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane, which is a source of sulphur. Skin Collagen Support uses a vegan source that is not derived from seafood.

Vitamin C – Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, the normal functioning of the immune system, and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

Vitamin D – Contributes to normal utilisation of calcium and phosphorus and contributes to normal blood calcium levels. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

Zinc – Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, normal nails, and normal skin.

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